About Us

We are a union municipal district dedicated to providing solid waste management authority, services, and planning to its Member Towns. ​We serve a population base of 18,000 residents and have an approved solid waste implementation plan. 

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What to Do With?

The GUVSWMD hosts household hazardous waste collection events and provides lots of information about how and where to dispose of a multitude of materials.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

From food scraps to redeemables, we have information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle a wide variety of items.

See our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle tab or individual Food ScrapsRecyclables, and Trash pages for more information. 

News, Events, & Announcements

News & Announcements

Christmas Lights & Trees

The Lebanon Recycling Center/Landfill accepts lights as scrap metal. You need a permit to access the facility.

For more information, visit lebanonnh.gov/450/Solid-Waste-Recycling.

If you own property, set your tree out for wildlife cover or chop it up and throw it in the woods. Ask your town if they’d be interested in sponsoring a “chipping” event. Bring your tree and make a donation. If you know of river or brook bank erosion, ask someone knowledgeable and set your tree in the bank to help stabilize it.

Note for Lebanon Landfill & Recycling Facility Users

You MUST have a permit to use the Lebanon Landfill & Recycling Facility or you will be denied access. Click the following link for all information: https://lebanonnh.gov/1514/Solid-Waste-Permits

Are You Confused? You’re Not Alone

GUV (this solid waste district) does not run the Town of Hartford Transfer Station. The Town of Hartford has its own solid waste district and it runs the transfer station. If you want to know what you can bring to the transfer station and what it will cost, please call 802-295-2673. The Town of Hartford welcomes GUV residents and businesses to use their transfer station, but GUV has nothing to do with ​running it. We hope this helps any misunderstanding.

Reduce Food Waste

Act 148 (Vermont’s Universal Recycling & Composting Law, passed unanimously in 2012) requires all organic material – like food scraps and other food waste – to be diverted from the landfill by 2020. The state developed a “recovery hierarchy” to prioritize the ways to both reduce food waste and decide what to do with it after it is generated:

​​Properly disposing of food scraps is easy. For a guide to getting your at home composter click here.​

Disposal of Batteries

All of your batteries and cell phones can be recycled and kept out of the trash. Some types can self combust if not prepared properly. DO NOT add them to your regular recycling. 

Visit www.Call2Recycle.org/vermont to find a convenient drop-off location and get answers ​to your battery recycling questions, or call the GUV office at (802) 674-4474.

Upcoming Events

All events are subject to change. Check here for the most updated event schedule.

Event TitleEvent Date
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Hartford Transfer Station
2590 North Hartland Road (U.S. Rte. 5)
Saturday, July 9th
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Hartford Transfer Station
2590 North Hartland Road (U.S. Rte. 5)
Tuesday, September 13th
1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

For information about any upcoming events, Call 802-674-4474 or email hgillett@marcvt.org

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