Party and event planners can do much to prevent waste at private and public events.

ClearStream Recycling Bin
  • Choose reusable plates, utensils, cups and packaging whenever possible.
  • If it is not possible to use reusable items, choose recyclable or compostable containers or minimally packaged goods instead.
  • Confirm what can and cannot be recycled or composted and communicate it with everybody involved in the event, including vendors and attendees.
  • Create “sorting stations” with one recycling bin, one compost container and one trash can at each. This makes it easy for guests to sort their materials properly. 
  • Make sure the recycling and composting options are promoted and clearly marked during the event to encourage proper use of all the containers.
  • Plan ahead, and if needed, hire pick-up services for proper collection and disposal of recycling, trash and compostables.
  • Staff waste stations with trained volunteers. 

Contact us at (802) 674-4474
​If you have questions or would like to work with our Outreach and Education Coordinator.

We will:

Print signs for events

Lend free recycling containers, plus one bag per container for short-term events

Here’s What to Do:

  • Call (802)-674-4474 to reserve containers. Requests are fulfilled on a first-come, first-reserved basis. 
  • Pick up the bins at GUVSWMD administrative offices (38 Ascutney Store Road, Ascutney 05030).
  • Provide a clearly labeled recycling and composting bin (if you choose to sort food scraps)next to every trash can.
  • Keep track of the number of bags of trash, recycling and compostables collected.
  • Dispose of recyclables and compostables appropriately.
  • Always empty recyclables out of plastic bags into Dumpsters or roll-offs. The ultimate destination for recyclables does not accept plastic bags or filmy plastic of any kind.
  • Return containers to GUVSWMD and report event attendance and waste produced so we can track how much material this program keeps out of our landfills.